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Mfr/Brand Part-Number Quantity Packing Date Remark I Want
SHARP2500New . original packing2017/4/20 
SHARP300New . original packing2017/4/19 
INTEL0New . original packing2017/4/18 
SHARP4000New . original packing2017/4/17 
MICROCHIP6000New . original packing2017/4/13 
SHARP3200New . original packing2017/4/13 
SHARP8000New . original packing2017/4/13 
INTEL1200New . original packing2017/4/12 
SHARP3000New . original packing2017/4/12 
MICRON3000New . original packing2017/3/31 
INTEL100New . original packing2017/3/21 
MICROCHIP20000New . original packing2017/3/15 
MACRONIX120000New . original packing2017/3/14 
INTEL2400New . original packing2017/3/10 
MICROCHIP3000New . original packing2017/3/9 
MICROCHIP35000New . original packing2017/3/2 
SKHYNIX30000New. original sealed packing2017/2/24To deal with inventory 
SAMSUNG3000New. original sealed packing2017/2/24Can be EMMC inventory 
DIGI INTERNATIONAL1800New . original packing2017/2/21 
MACRONIX15000New . original packing2017/2/10 
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